How to Become Confident and Lose the Fear of Public Speaking

Everyone wants to be a confident and a fearless public speaker. However, not many people are willing to master the art and eliminate the fear of public speaking. If you are looking for ways to be a good public speaker and overcome the fear that comes with it, you have to believe in yourself and be willing to put in the work.

This will not be an easy journey, and it will take a lot of work, but it will be worth it. Here are some tips on how to get over the fear of speaking in public.

Change Your Mindset

fear of public speakingWhat most people do not realize is that even the best of public speakers still experiences some level of fear before they speak in public. The experienced speakers have learned how to control this fear with mindset. The fear of public speaking affects everyone but it is the levels of fear that vary. If you have anxiety before a speech, just know that it is normal, but it goes away as you get more and more comfortable in your public speaking role and your audience. All you have to do is accept that the fear exists, and work on reducing it.

Others may have a more extreme fear, with sweats, chills, sick to the stomach. If this is you, you need to realize changing your mindset will happen one step at a time, and it will be a longer journey to success.

The first step to change your mindset, is to accept that fact that this fear is normal, and not a bad thing. Don’t try to be perfect, just know your subject matter, engage your audience, breath, and visualize your success. Try some positive self-talk the morning of your speech, tell your-self you can do this, and make your self feel good by accepting the fact that the fear is OK, you just will overcome it.

Prepare Way Before the D-Day

One mistake you should never make when you are called to speak in public is to not prepare way before the actual day of your speech. Many people overlook this tip and they end up preparing the speech the night before, and not practicing and guess what, they mess their speech up altogether. Practice, practice and practice your speech, days, weeks or even months before your presentation. The more you know your content, the better you will be able to deliver it, and the more comfortable you will be with it, standing on stage.

If at all possible, a couple days before your speech, visit the venue that you will be speaking at, and get familiar with the surroundings. If possible, practice your speech there, standing on the stage, visualizing your audience. If you will be using a mic, see if you can do a sound check, so you know how to use the mic, and how close you need to be to it, to see the volume you have to talk at to be heard properly. This will remove one more worry off your chest.

Preparing your speech and reading it out aloud before others is important as it builds your confidence even before the big day. Practice before family, or friends, or even the dog, will increase your confidence. Doing your research on the topic you have been asked to speak on is crucial as it improves your knowledge of the subject and its delivery. Delivering a speech on a topic that you actually know, will be much easier than delivering one on something you know nothing about. If you know the topic well, you will sound much more confident.

Don’t Just Memorize the Words

Learn you content, and don’t just memorize your speech. Memorize key points and content, so you can look up from your speech once and a while, to look into the audience. The more you are perceived to be an expert in the content you are delivering, the better you will deliver the content, and people will enjoy your speech.

Think of your speech like a hobby you have and are passionate. How do you talk to your friends about your hobby? Do you memorize your statements before telling them? No. You talk about the topic as you are passionate about it, and you have knowledge about it, so you are comfortable with it. Its all about the preparing as mentioned above.

Join a Class

public speaking classWith the internet here with us, finding a public speaking class near you is made easy. If you need technical and practical tips to keep you prepared for any speech, all you have to do is practice. Joining a class is one of the best ways of improving your skills and getting feedback on your progress. It is also an opportunity to show you that other people are also struggling to perfect the art of public speaking.

If your fear of public speaking is about the audience, then joining a class can be good, as you can practice delivering in front of other people who will not be judgmental or critical in a bad way. There are there to help you, and their criticism will be constructive. The more you can speak in front of others, the better your day on the stage will be.

Speak Whenever You Can

Mastering public speaking can be as easy as speaking in front of crowds as often as you can. This may involve giving a vote of thanks at a family event or giving a presentation in class. The trick lies in finding as many opportunities to practice as much as possible. Before you know it, you will have become a pro.

Whenever you get a chance, even for a few seconds, stand up and speak at work, in front of family gatherings, in front of friends, when ever you have something to say, do it in a public speaking manner, and every time you do this, you will become more and more comfortable in front of an audience.

Learn from Your Past Mistakes

After every speech you make, you should sit down and assess how you did. If you received feedback, make sure that you incorporate it in your next speech. Make sure that feedback you are listing to is constructive, and not just complaints. Finding a mentor is also important as they can offer you guidance before and after every speech you make.

A good public speaker is difficult to come by. This is because nobody is perfect and even the best of them all still make mistakes. The first step towards overcoming your fear of public speaking is choosing to start speaking in public. These tips will help you in your journey towards becoming a confident public speaker.


To your public speaking success,


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Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

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