Why People Have Public Speaking Phobia

If you are afraid of public speaking, you are certainly not alone. Recent studies show public speaking is one of the situations that people avoid the most. In fact, glossophobia (public speaking phobia) is one of the worst human fears ranking higher than death, heights and deep waters. In the course of human evolution, the … [Read more…]

Getting Over Public Speaking Anxiety

Public Speaking Anxiety: Why having it Under Control Could Make or Break You Public speaking anxiety affects up to 75 percent of all people and makes up 19% of all phobias combined. A person with the condition will typically have the unfounded concern that they may look visibly nervous or even have a panic attack … [Read more…]

Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

For most people, public speaking does not come easy. The prospect of speaking in public may be daunting for many. Some people experience anxiety, stress or even panic attacks before making a presentation. However, at some point in life, you may be called upon to deliver a speech or give a presentation. While the experience … [Read more…]