6 Ways to Develop and Sharpen Your Public Speaking Skills

Most people lack public speaking skills. Apart from experiencing fear and anxiety before delivering a speech, most people do not also know how to speak in public. If you fall under this category don’t worry, with a few useful tips, you can improve your public speaking skills.

Work on your stage presence

Good public speakers have not only overcome the fear of speaking in public, but they also know how to attain stage a presence. Good stage presence entails one being confident, friendly, enthusiastic and energetic as they speak. The best way of achieving confidence is through mastering the content of the topic you are presenting on. What I mean by mastering, is knowing your content in and out. Practice, practice, practice.

Learn how to control your voice

A good speech is one which is delivered with the right tone and volume. Just like how singers use their voice, and control their breathing, you should learn how to speak effectively. In order to feel more confident and comfortable, consider breathing from deep down in your diaphragm as opposed to from your chest. You will realize that you will get more relaxed as you speak and the anxiety you initially had will go away.

Body language is important

One of the best ways of exuding confidence during a speech is through controlling your body language. First of all, you should maintain an upright and relaxed posture. Leaning back, forward or on an object can give your audience the impression that you are not confident. In order to appear more confident, always clasp your hands in front of you or put them on the sides.

Engage your audience

One of the most common mistakes people make is not engaging with their audience when speaking in public. A good speech involves making your audience feel like they are part of the presentation. You can easily achieve this by asking questions, asking for volunteers or even using them as an example in the scenarios you give.

Work on a good delivery

Impeccable speeches have one thing in common – they are delivered well. Good speech delivery entails choosing the right words to use, speaking audibly and at a comfortable pace. When delivering your speech, make sure that you speak slowly and deliberately. When expressing different emotions, make sure that you vary your tone and volume to capture the interest of your audience.

Always remember that your fear can be overcome

Not every good public speaker is fearless. More often than not, good speakers find ways of managing their fear and staying confident throughout their speech. You can also do it! All you have to do is acknowledge the fear and work towards overcoming it. One of the easiest ways of doing that is by presenting on a topic that you know very well.

For many public speakers, the sky is the limit. Mastering public speaking skills requires commitment and a lot of practice. Taking up opportunities to speak in public can also help you develop and sharpen the skill. Before long, you will be a master public speaker and a motivation to others.

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